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Pubs in Neasden

Neasden Pubs and the Luck of the Irish!

As the geographic area of Neasden in North West London is quite small, finding pubs in Neasden (or bars) is actually quite easy. Much like the suburbs nearby, Neasden has suffered the decline of venues over the years, but don’t worry, there are still enough places for the local populace and visitors to the area to find a drink.

Variety of options is probably the sticking point here as much like adjoining Willesden Green, so too does Neasden have an Irish population that has influenced its drinking establishments over the decades since World War 2.

On the upside, if you can’t find something suitable in Neasden, just down the road a short walk there are a number of Pubs in Willesden Green to choose from. So whilst options in Neasden itself are limited there are plenty of places to get a drink nearby so no one will go thirsty.

Our take on Pubs in Neasden will be short but it will hopefully point you in the right direction and give you a good idea of what’s available in the area.  

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Katies Bar Neasden

350 Neasden Lane, Neasden, London, NW2 7QA

Pubs In Neasden offer lots of Guiness

This is a small but very friendly Irish Bar with dedicated regulars and bubbly outgoing staff. Last time we visited they seemed to operate on a sort of a membership basis but we were still able to get a Guinness without issue. Not sure if this is still the case.

Noted as being the best pub in the area for live music, the locals claim you can often here the upbeat Irish tunes wafting out into the street. Very popular on big Irish sporting days and will always be showing the rugby or football when the Irish are participating.

No real ale here just Guinness, Lager and Cider which are standard offerings for Irish Pubs everywhere in our experience.

The red front of Katie’s Bar in Neasden makes it easy to spot and the Irish flag flying out the front (when we visited) certainly gives away the premise of what sort of greeting you’ll find inside.

Due to the odd notion of becoming a member to drink in this establishment we would definitely recommend phoning ahead before visiting to ensure the Pub is open so we’ve included relevant contacts for the venue below. 

Phone: +44 7980 793920 
Facebook: KatiesBar
Google: Katies Bar

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The Field Bar Neasden

249 Neasden Lane, Neasden, London, NW10 1QG

The Field Bar had gained a bit of a notorious reputation over the years and had been reviewed under the microscope of Brent Council inspectors a number of times.

However, with a new licence approved by Brent Council in early 2019, The Field Bar once again reopened as an Irish Pub to serve the local community. Under the guidance and in partnership with John Teahan, who is the leaseholder of The Midland Hotel in nearby Hendon, it’s hoped the new management will be able to turn the place around.

The new owners stated that they wanted to run a totally “fresh” venue that remains true to its traditional roots, so you can be sure they’ll be promoting Irish music and showing Irish Sports on the big screen regularly.

Again, being an Irish Pub, this likely means that Guinness will be the staple on tap along with lager, John Smiths and Cider.

Phone: +44 20 8450 0662
Facebook: @thefieldbarneasden
Google: The Field Neasden

Pubs in Neasden with Irish beers on tap

Greenes Free House Neasden

362-364 Neasden Lane, Neasden, London, NW10 0BT

What is it with Neasden Pubs and the Irish?

Greenes Pub is yet another Irish establishment in the suburb and the last of the three venues on our list of Pubs in Neasden.

Greenes is across the North Circular Road from the main shopping strip of Neasden where Katies and the Field are located, and is right by the pedestrian motorway underpass entrance. Nestled in a row of retail outlets which includes furniture stores, off-licences and service businesses, Greenes is easily identifiable by its pink and green colouring and by the Irish Flag adorning the entrance.

Open every day, Greenes offers Guinness, Cider and Lager (anyone else sensing deja vu here?). This is a traditional Irish bar that attracts weekend music lovers, those who like Irish Sports on the big screen and it’s also involved in local pool and darts leagues.

The bar itself is rather small and quite dark but that dimness is offset by a gleaming white tiled bar that has 8 or 9 beer taps which seems totally out of proportion to the patronage the place would attract.

Again phone ahead before visiting to confirm Greenes opening hours.

Phone: 020 8450 0662
Facebook: @nightsinneasden
Google: Greenes Bar Neasden

How To Get To Neasden

Getting To Neasden by Train: The Jubilee Line of the London Underground network serves the suburb of Neasden and the station is around a 10 minute stroll to where these pubs are located. Once you exit the tube station you need to walk due North up Neasden Lane.

The closest National Rail station would be Wembley Stadium and it is around a mile west of Neasden so a twenty minute walk at least.

Getting To Neasden By Bus: The north-south 112 TFL bus service running between Ealing and North Finchley runs directly through Neasden shopping centre. The 232 TFL bus service also runs through Nesden on its route from Brent Park to Palmers Green.

As always check with Transport For London before embarking on any public transport jaunt in the capital to ensure there are no station closures, cancellations or travel delays.

Pubs in Neasden | Map Locations

Pubs In Neasden | A Final Word

What can one really say about the selection of venues in Neasden?

If you love all things Irish and have a similar love of Guinness then these venues will be right up your alley. St Patricks Day must be pretty popular around these parts that’s for sure. However, if your searching for real ales or craft beer Neasden is probably not the suburb for you to go seeking a beer.

As a side not we’re not sure if any of these establishments actually offer food at all so enjoying a family experience in one of these pubs is probably not something that’s a possibility.

Finally we’d like to say that there is way more to Neasden than Bob Marley’s House, The Welsh Harp Reservoir or the largest Hindu Temple outside of India – but a wide selection of pubs and alternate watering holes is definitely not one of those things.

For a list of more varied types of establishments nearby definitely check out our blog on Pubs in Willesden Green where some variety in establishments is certainly offered.

Have you ever visited Neasden, if so we’d love to know how you fared in your search for a pint!

Thanks for joining us on this journey on our never ending quest to find the perfect pint. Stay Safe, Stay Happy, Enjoy Life!

Today’s Quote, thanks again to the Irish, comes from world renowned poet and playwright Oscar Wilde, “Work is the curse of the drinking class.”

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