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Beer Puns: 29 of the BEST Quotes on Beer ever!

Funny Beer Quotes

Funny beer puns and related quotes have been documented since man received inspiration from imbibing those first ever fermented beverages which were developed some 12,000 years ago.

Well, perhaps not quite that long ago, since actual documented writing has only been around about half that time, but surely beer quotes have been spoken since the evolution of beer at the very least.

Nevertheless, it’s quite true that people have been finding inspiration and sprouting out wondrous and hilarious quotes about beer for a very long time. Beer has been the basis for many famous (and infamous) names to write quotes about, and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of great beer puns put there.

Almost anyone who enjoys beer has had something to say about it and whilst all of these beer puns might not be 100% accurate they are our favourites nonetheless.

In this blog post we bring together 29 of our all-time favourite beer puns from names such as Abraham Lincoln, Homer Simpson and Queen Elizabeth the 1st.

Perhaps you’d like to “blow the froth” off a couple while enjoying our list of beer puns and famous beer quotes. We’d love to hear if you have any others you particularly like that maybe we could add to our beer quotes list.

Beer Pubs and Quotes on Beer from Famous People

Beer Puns

24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not

H.L Mencken - American journalist and cultural critic

I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.

Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States of America

Rugby is great. The players don’t wear helmets or padding; they just beat the living daylights out of each other and then go for a beer. I love that.

Joe Theismann - Former American NFL player

Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Body-Builder, Actor and Former Governor of California
Beer Puns Arnold Schwarzenegger Hollywood Actor and Former Governor of Calisfornia

Beer Quotes

I’ve read that the ancient Chinese art of feng shui can bring a sense of peace, well-being, and positive energy to a home – same as beer

W. Bruce Cameron - American author and Humorist

Beer may cause you to digress – and lead a happier life

Michael Jackson - American, Singer, Songwriter and Dancer

A meal of bread, cheese and beer constitutes the perfect food

Queen Elizabeth the First - Former Queen of England

All right, brain. You don't like me and I don't like you, but let's just do this and I can get back to killing you with beer

Homer Simpson - Star of the Worlds longest running Sitcom

You can’t be a real country without a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer

Frank Zappa - American Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Beer Puns Benjamin Franklin

Craft Beer Quotes

This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption… Beer

Friar Tuck - One of Robin Hoods Merry Men

In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria

Benjamin Franklin - American Singer, Songwriter and Musician

I work until beer o’clock.

Stephen King - American Horror and Supernatural Novelist

Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer

Henry Lawson - Australian Outback Bush Poet

Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world

Kaiser Wilhelm - Last German Emperor and King of Preussia
Babe Ruth in Black and White in Red Sox Baseball Uniform

Short Beer Quotes

Beer’s intellectual. What a shame so many idiots drink it

Ray Bradbury - American Author and Screenwriter

Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.

W.C. Fields - American Comedian, Actor, Juggler and Writer

Sometimes when I reflect on all the beer I drink, I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn’t drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. I think, ‘It is better to drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver.'

Babe Ruth - Former American Professional Baseball Player

In a study, scientists report that drinking beer can be good for the liver. I’m sorry, did I say ‘scientists’? I meant Irish people

Tina Fey - American Actor, Comedian and Writer

He was a wise man who invented beer.

Plato - Athenian philosopher of ancient Greece
Beer Puns Plato

Best Quotes on Beer

Beer may not solve your problems, but neither will water or milk


A bottle of beer contains more philosophy than all the books in the world

Louis Pasteur - French Biologist and Chemist

Life isn’t all beer and skittles; but beer and skittles, or something better of the same sort, must form a good part of every Englishman’s education

Thomas Hughes - English Lawyer, Politician, Judge and Author

Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer

Dave Barry - American Humourist and Author

Give my people plenty of beer, good beer and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them

Queen Victoria - Former Queen of England
Beer Puns Jack Nicholson

Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer

Dave Barry - American Humourist and Author

I will make it felony to drink small beer

William Shakespeare - English Playwright, Poet and Actor

Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world

Jack Nicolson - American Oscar Winning Actor

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure

There is nothing for a case of nerves like a case of beer

Joan Goldstein - Artist, teacher and Counsellor

Funny Quotes on Beer Drinking

Well guys there you have it, our handpicked list of the best ever quotes on beer as judged by Shane and Mark from Londons Pubs

Assembling this list of beer quotes was a lot of fun and we certainly hope you enjoyed the read. We actually started writing this list of quotes about beer some years ago whilst enjoying a few beers at The Ship Tavern and we tried to write down a quote per beer we drank. Suffice to say that didn’t work out to well for us at the time.

We actually squeezed a 30th beer quote in there with a sneaky beer pun inclusion in the featured image for this post from Kinky Freidman.

We’d love to hear of your favourite beer puns and beer quotes so please do feel free to leave a comment below.

Cheers All – Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

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