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Beer Puns: 29 of the BEST Quotes on Beer ever!

Funny Beer Quotes

Funny beer puns and related quotes have been documented since man received inspiration from imbibing those first ever fermented beverages which were developed some 12,000 years ago.

Well, perhaps not quite that long ago, since actual documented writing has only been around about half that time, but surely beer quotes have been spoken since the evolution of beer at the very least.

Nevertheless, it’s quite true that people have been finding inspiration and sprouting out wondrous and hilarious quotes about beer for a very long time. Beer has been the basis for many famous (and infamous) names to write quotes about, and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of great beer puns put there.

Almost anyone who enjoys beer has had something to say about it and whilst all of these beer puns might not be 100% accurate they are our favourites nonetheless.

In this blog post we bring together 29 of our all-time favourite beer puns from names such as Abraham Lincoln, Homer Simpson and Queen Elizabeth the 1st.

Perhaps you’d like to “blow the froth” off a couple while enjoying our list of beer puns and famous beer quotes. We’d love to hear if you have any others you particularly like that maybe we could add to our beer quotes list.

Beer Pubs and Quotes on Beer from Famous People

Beer Puns

Beer Puns Arnold Schwarzenegger Hollywood Actor and Former Governor of Calisfornia

Beer Quotes

Beer Puns Benjamin Franklin

Craft Beer Quotes

Babe Ruth in Black and White in Red Sox Baseball Uniform

Short Beer Quotes

Beer Puns Plato

Best Quotes on Beer

Beer Puns Jack Nicholson

Funny Quotes on Beer Drinking

Well guys there you have it, our handpicked list of the best ever quotes on beer as judged by Shane and Mark from Londons Pubs

Assembling this list of beer quotes was a lot of fun and we certainly hope you enjoyed the read. We actually started writing this list of quotes about beer some years ago whilst enjoying a few beers at The Ship Tavern and we tried to write down a quote per beer we drank. Suffice to say that didn’t work out to well for us at the time.

We actually squeezed a 30th beer quote in there with a sneaky beer pun inclusion in the featured image for this post from Kinky Freidman.

We’d love to hear of your favourite beer puns and beer quotes so please do feel free to leave a comment below.

Cheers All – Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

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