Instagrammable Pubs London showing the sky blue coloured London Tavern

Instagrammable Pubs London: 11 of Londons Most Photogenic Pubs

Londons Pubs Instagram Selection

Instagrammable pubs in London are literally everywhere and with around 3500 London Pubs to choose from, it’s doubtful anyone could ever exhaust their supply of pint snapping opportunities.

Whilst there’s no set criteria as to what makes a London Pub Instagrammable, those who love to socialise over a few pints will certainly be able to find inspiration via their pint and their smartphone, no matter their location in the capital.

We love to take a good pint pic ourselves here at Londons Pubs, and, having just started out on our Instagram journey, we decided to track down an awesome selection of our favourite pubs that would sit wonderfully on anyone’s Instagram profile.

Some of the most beautiful pubs in London make this list which is entitled Instagrammable Pubs London: 11 of Londons Most Photogenic Pubs and we hope you enjoy taking this special Instagram journey into Londons boozers with us.

1. The Churchill Arms | Notting Hill

With its year round flower adorned exterior, it’s highly likely that The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill is already the most Instagrammable Pub in London. The Londons pubs team worked in Notting Hill Gate for many years and have been to this awesome Fullers Pub more times than we can count and it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that we (Shane and Myself), have actually been in many Instagram shots of The Churchill Arms as we enjoyed our pint outside on the street.

Additionally, the Thai restaurant within wafts mouth-watering odours throughout the pub from tantalising food offerings that also present for fantastic Instagrammable photo opportunities.

2. The Spaniards Inn | Hampstead

This iconic Instagrammable London Pub is on the North West corner of Hampstead Heath and has a romantic yet colourful history allegedly involving infamous highwaymen, nostalgic poets and famous novelists.

The dark beamed wooden interior gives the place a bit of a spooky feel and the brooding white exterior with its ominous cross-sword emblem ensures any avid Instagramer will want to stop and snap a pic of The Spaniards Inn – day or night!

3. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese | City of London

It was Shakespeare who, in the writing of Romeo and Juliet, penned the phrase “Whats in a Name?”

Well in this case, it’s definitely the name of this pub that’s Instagrammable. Hundreds of photos are uploaded to Instagram each year of the circular pendant style signage adorned with the famous landmarks name. Found in an alley off Fleet Street in the City of London, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese has been around since 1538 (Rebuilt 1667 after the Great fire of London) so the place certainly has some history, history that can often be captured nicely in a photo.

4. The Jerusalem Tavern | Clerkenwell

Another Instagrammable Pub in London with a somewhat out of place name is the wonderful Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkenwell.

The small dark exterior with dimly lit side alley would certainly appeal to those with an interest in Jack-The-Ripper and Victorian Era crime, but it’s undoubtedly the bar itself that is the star of the show and is the most Instagrammed part of this establishment. The wooden kegs housing some quality real ale from St Peters Brewery in Suffolk, are embedded in the rear wall of the bar and are snapped with monotonous regularity for Instagram uploading.

5. The Dickens Inn | St Katharine Docks in Tower Hamlets

The Dickens Inn is housed inside what was an 18th Century multi-use warehouse located within a stone’s throw of the River Thames. The exterior almost looks like an American style barn, and in the spring and summer months, it is always adorned with blooms aplenty cascading their vibrant rainbow colours from the dozens of hanging baskets and flower beds that line the outside of the building.

The fabulous locale of The Dickens Inn and the associated name of probably Londons best known novelist combine handsomely to ensure that this is definitely an Instagrammable London Pub.

6. The George | The Strand, Central London

With a reproduction Tudor styled exterior dating from the early 1700’s, this black and white tall narrow fronted Instagrammable pub on The Strand was originally a coffee house. This four story high building with seemingly no connection to King George the 1st (17-14-1727), features some impressive wooden carvings highlighting the tall peaked roof and the thin multi-paned windows. Don’t miss checking out the odd

The best place to get a shot of the entire façade of The George is actually from across the other side of The Strand, which is where you’ll bump into the Instagram crowd dutifully snapping away at the pub from afar.

7. The Princess Louise | High Holborn, Central London

Instagrammable is an understatement, especially when referring to the interior of The Princess Louise pub which is located on High Holborn in central London.

Whilst many a passer-by would walk on with barely a glance at the establishment thanks to its somewhat ordinary exterior, those interested enough to step through its doors will witness what is likely the most impressive inside of any pub in London. With a décor that drips with authenticity of the Victorian era you’ll see exquisitely preserved tiles, mirrors, etching, panelling, mosaics, polished wood and elaborately carved ceilings. Even the men’s marble urinals with their original tiling and fittings are rumoured to be Instagrammable, although why anyone would want to see a photo of a urinal is a mystery.

8. The Ship and Shovell | Charring Cross

The Ship and Shovell in Craven Passage just by Charring Cross Station, is decidedly Instagrammable for one unique reason. It is one of only a handful of pubs in the world that are split in half and located on two opposite sides of the same street. Yes, at The Ship and Shovell you definitely get two for the price of one (two pubs that’s is not two beers sadly).

The pub is likely named for the working class coal shovellers who would’ve frequented the area in the mid-1700’s but had a name change in the mid-1800’s with a play on words honouring Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell (spelt with with two ll’s).

All red and black with a Victorian style lamp post right between you won’t likely just walk past this pub by accident but it’s well worth a slight detour if you’re in the area for you Instagram profiles sake at least, if not for a pint.

9. Mr Foggs Tavern | Covent Garden

Another one of those Instagrammable pubs that draws you in with a quirky name, this time from a famous Jules Verne novel. The flower festooned arch over the main entrance doorway draws in the passer-by where you’ll be further dazzled by the eclectic array of memorabilia scattered throughout the interior.

The very popular Gin Parlour upstairs – a more suave sort of drinking room, has more than 80 varieties of gin available and is also a popular Instagram opportunity also. Popular with art, theatre and literary types this is an establishment that Phileas Fogg himself would be proud to be seen in!

10. The Harp | Covent Garden

The exterior of The Harp in Covent Garden suggests this is just another of the many old-fashioned pubs in the area and nothing screams Instagram initially. But, if you’re a real ale lover, nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who ventures into central London in the search for an enticing real ale KNOWS about the Harp, and it is the number one ale house in the city for a reason.

The thousands of different beer mats attached to all surfaces of the bar are wonderfully Instagrammable and give the patron a very good indicator as to the quality of real ale that is offered for sale in this wonderful establishment. Equally Instagrammable for beer lovers are the many hand pumps and craft beer taps that seem to occupy the full length of the bar itself.

This is a REAL beer pub for REAL beer lovers.

11. The Grenadier | Belgravia

The white washed and prime colour detailed exterior of The Grendier in Belgravia is wonderfully Instagrammable – presuming you can find the place of course! Set in the back street mews of Wilton Row, which is well off the beaten track, you won’t be passing by this pub by accident.

The cobblestoned mews and colourful houses give the entire mews a sort of a ‘Frozen in Time’ feel. The facade of the pub is a feature of many patrons Instagram profiles but equally photographed and Instagrammable is the ceiling in the interior of The Grenadier which is covered with all manner of bank notes from all over the world. This is a very small pub.

Maybe you’ll even catch the resident ghost ‘Cedric’ on camera. Yes, The Grendier is also one of Londons most haunted pubs as well as being on the list as one of the smallest!

Instagrammable Pubs of London

Whilst London is home to some of the most photogenic pubs in the country and Instagram has a constant reel of awesome pubs showcased over thousands of different Instagram profiles, in this listing Londons Pubs has only made mention of pubs we’ve actually visited and actually had a pint in ourselves. Understandably there are many, many more attractive Pubs in London than just these few we’ve made mention of.

It’s certain we’ll need to add to this list of Londons Most Instagrammable Pubs at some point in the future, so to that end we’d love to hear from you with your London pub suggestions for Instagram worthy establishments so please do leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy life!

I came, I drank, I Instagrammed!

Todays quote comes from world famous Instagrammer Mark Minehan (that’s me by the way):

 “I Came, I Drank, I Instagrammed”

Very poignant, wouldn’t you agree?

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